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Improv For Professionals - Corporate Training Agency


Improv For Professionals
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Improv For Professionals is a Canadian creative team of trainers and teachers based in Montreal who have been providing expert advice to the experts for years. With decades of experience in education & performing as well as a top-tier network of collaborators around the globe, we provide custom workshops tailor-made for you and your team, regardless of size or location (virtual or real!). We work with you to create workshops that meet your timeline, budget and goals.

Whether you’re in Education, Sales, Management, Arts & Humanities, a STEM field, or beyond, improv can teach you to communicate clearly, listen attentively, innovate creatively and collaborate in a positive way. All of this is done in a fun and relaxed way that leaves everyone laughing and walking away with the “soft skills” that are prized in any professional environment.

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